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Scorpion is Gridweld's new advanced automatic pipeline welding robot. We have carried out extensive research and development and spent many hours refining Scorpion before launching the product onto the market.
Scorpion's performance and durability within various environments has been verified along with the quality of weld using ultrasonic testing for the pipeline construction industry through AMK Inspection Ltd.
One key advantage of the machine is its weight - it's light and this enables ease of use when attaching to the band.
Independent dwell is of benefit and enables the operator to weld steep gradients and accommodate pipe of differing wall thicknesses.
Scorpions insulated shroud and shield assembly ensures tip replacement is minimal and provides good gas flow.
Welding passes can be re-selected whilst welding i.e. pass 1 to pass 2 with no pause.
The inline travel drive configuration can be easily engaged / dis-engaged to quickly reposition the machine to any position required.
Technical Specifications
Weight (Less Wire Spool) 14 kg
Pipe Diameters 10" - 90"
Hardwire 0.9 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm - 2.7 kg to 5 kg spools
Fluxcore 1.2 mm - 5 kg spool
Travel Speeds 6 to 60 inches per minute
Wire Speeds 260 to 620 inches per minute
Oscillation Speeds 0 - 4 oscillations per second (linked to travel speed)
Oscillation Dwell Independent dwells (250 ms maximum)
Burnback 250 ms maximum
Craterfill 1000 ms maximum
Pre & Post Purge 1000 ms maximum
Design & Build Quality
The machine is of lightweight construction to ensure ease of handling by the operator
Ability to go in either direction and 360 degrees enables one machine to complete a weld joint
A change of welding direction (up or down) is via a rocker switch
Driving off the side of the band also enables the Scorpion to weld both flux core (up the band) and hardwire (down the band) under controlled conditions.
The onboard control box enables a wide range of welding parameters to be stored which are programmed and downloaded from the custom designed parameter unit.
All modular units of this machine are sealed for the welding and pipeline industry standards.
The motor, gearboxes, lead screws, and bearings are designed for heavy duty long life.
All of the software for the hand held unit and controller can be upgraded on-site or in-house via e-mail.
The power unit is compatible with most quality power sources.
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